Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Four Abstracts a Day

Spiralling circles, 115 x 48 cm, paint on board, 17.9.95. Artist collection.

Sea, Rain and Storm, 50 x 152cm, paint on board,17.9.95. Artist collection.

Swaying leaves, 142x59 cm, paint on board,17.9.95. Artist collection.

Movement study, 100x 116 cm, paint on board,17.9.9. Artist collection.

It is a record achievement of sorts for me on 17 th day of September, 1995.

I was living with my small family at our Kampung Baru house in Bintulu . For most of the year, I was busy with my contracting business. As often happens, there was always surplus paint and board neatly kept in my house store. Waking up early that morning I started to immerse my self with spontaneous painting at an open space behind our house. Without feeling any signs of exhaustion I had by the day's end completed four abstract pieces on relatively big size boards.

What made me produce four paintings in a row is beyond my comprehension.

But that's abstract art. That day's magic must have been instigated over many years of emotional absorption and intellectual yearning to produce abstract masterpieces ever since I participated in an international art workshop in November 1989 at Kuching.

Since then I tried to come to terms with the notion of doing abstract art that speaks of me. At last on that auspicious day the moment of truth came. I was able to produce my own abstract art. The above paintings shall always speak volumes of my inherent love for the abstract. I shall forever look forward for the resurgence of such creative encounters in future.

From these four pieces of work, I learnt of speed, sense of movement and expressionism in one critical moment of my life. I was able to create them with minimal tones and shades of colours for that were the only ones available within reach that day. But all told, it was a day of personal discovery and yearning.

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