Thursday, January 3, 2008

10 Years in Waiting

Water colour on paper, Solitude, Imperial Size, 8.4.81.
Look again at the fine print of the black and white sketch I did of a woman by the shown is 21 August, 1971.
Then, check out the date of the painting " Solitude" done in water colour on paper ( Imperial size ). The dated written is 8.4.81.
Yes, Indeed! It is a record for me to finally come up with a painting ten years after I conceived of it in a sketch.
For this reason , this painting will forever hold a special place in my creative endeavour. From it we can appreciate what it means to be creative. Creativity can mean spontaneity or it can take years in waiting for the right moment for release and finally producing the art piece.
( Note: Both the sketch and the painting are still in my possession. The sketch is from my " Young Man as Artist " period and the painting from " The Mature Years" period.

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