Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Tribute to Othman Borhan ( Part VI )

Othman's Art of the Nineties
The exposure Othman had during the International art Exhibition and Workshop, held at Kuching from 8-17 September 1989 was crucial in developing him as a renowned and credible Kuching Malay watercolourist of the early 1990's.

In the early 90's he took a notable interest in studying nature close up and personal. His treatment to landscapes, natural objects and water retains a transparency and dreamlike quality uniquely in semi- abstract expressionistic stlye.

One style that he adopted from the International Art Exhibition experience was that of Yusuf Ghani's colourful, free flowing lines and strokes and figures in perpetual motion or movement. Yusuf Ghani was one of the teachers during the International Art Exhibition and Workshop.

This move to semi-abstract and abstract expressionism was slowly making a mark on the Kuching art scene and his works were quickly taken up by corporate sponsors and individuals.

Here we see Othman at his best. There seemed to be much promise for him in the world of art to go international if only not to his early demise.

Othman Borhan, Water colour and Ink, Bako Tide Pools , 78 cm x 78 cm , 1991.

Othman Borhan, Water colour, Exodus Series No.4/89. circa '89.

Othman Borhan, Water colour and Ink , Matang Shallows, 78cm x 118 cm, 1991.

Othman Borhan, Water colour, Renderings of Tropical Terrain in Green, 30 cm x 50 cm, 1990.

Othman Borhan as Secretary and Coordinator of International Art Exhibition and Workshop held at Kuching , 8 - 17 September , 1989.

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