Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Tribute to Othman Borhan (Part 11)

Escape to Rural Sarawak
Through out the early '80's till mid 80's , Othman worked as a car salesman and this job required him to travel frequently outside Kuching. His travels outside Kuching must have been instrumental in giving inspirations to depict the beauty of Sarawak country side.

Executed mainly in watercolours, he did a series of paintings on rural landscapes. Working under pressure and competition as a car salesman in fast paced Kuching,and raising a family, I find that in his paintings he sought solace and escape in the serenity and quietness of rural Sarawak.
Othman Borhan, Water colour on paper, 27 cm x 32 cm, 1986, Sarawak Street Scene.
(Unframed and in private collection)

Othman Borhan, Watercolour on paper, 27 cm x 32 cm,1986, Lonesome Red,( Unframed and in private collection)

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