Thursday, December 20, 2007

Closing the Year 2007

Artistically what have I achieved? Only one word that best describes it ...blogging. The later part of this year I discovered blogging and many more hours( frustrating as well) of creativity in the blogging arena. I worked hard to keep stock of all my paintings , some still in my possession ( artist collection ) while others are in photographic images( sold/lost/damaged) and to put them up in cyber space. This virtual gallery is now called...GALERI MOOD ....accessed at . Stories to the paintings and drawings are available at another blog site called and ( the latter being the original version before I got jammed, blocked or unable to access it, thus the birth of beingmy2)

In the long term BEING MY - will be the basis of a proposed book which is in the works for 2008. This book will be about my encounters with creativity not solely confined to painting and drawing. In the proposed book, my creative handiwork in landscaping, exhibition & display art, the performing arts especially stage drama and children's theatre , poetry and singing will all be accounted for.

Blogging is the main method for me to get the book down to writing.

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